New Pig Spill Kit Refill, Box, Chemical, Hazmat, 3.4 gal - RFL610

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MPN : RFL610
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This PIG NiCad Battery Neutralizing Spill Kit in Bucket lets you safely respond to NiCad battery electrolyte spills. All absorbents in this kit absorb and neutralize NiCad battery electrolyte spills. Some of the spread-inhibiting and spill-absorbing essentials featured in this kit include: PIG Base Neutralizing Socks, PIG Base Neutralizing Mats, and Loose Absorbent to absorb, solidify, and neutralize spills. Color changes on contact with electrolyte, then returns to normal when neutralization is complete; which helps identify the best time to handle with the least amount of risk. Gelling agents solidify electrolyte during neutralization, preventing them from leaching out of the mat. Polyethylene bucket with easy-open, screw-on lid can be used to ship or temporarily store used absorbents. Contents are organized for quick, efficient response including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to guard against caustic materials. Dustpan/broom combo allows for loose absorbent to be quickly cleaned up. Bold "Spill Kit" lettering on the bucket for quick identification. UN Rating 1H2/Y30/S for Packing Groups II and III.

Item - Spill ControlSpill Kit Refill
Container TypeBox
Spill Control - Fluids AbsorbedChemical, Hazmat
Volume Absorbed per Pkg.3.4 gal
Height9 1/4 in
Width9 3/4 in
Length19 1/2 in
Static DissipativeNo
UV ResistantNo
Number of Components18
ItemSpill Kit Refill