Oil Vanish Cleaner/Degreaser, 16 oz Cleaner Container Size, Aerosol Can Cleaner Container Type - 8505-020

Oil VanishSKU: C1899115
MPN : 8505-020
Weight : 18.16 lb


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Oil Vanish cleaner and degreaser and its thick foam cleans as it clings to a variety of surfacesplastic, rubber, painted, plexiglass, and metal. Just spray and wipe away. Incorporates a microbe technology formula that dissolves tough, oily soils and grime on contact. Works better than most conventional soap-based degreasers.

Item - DegreasersCleaner/Degreaser
Chemicals For Use OnHard Nonporous Surfaces
Cleaner Container TypeAerosol Can
Cleaner Container Size16 oz
Cleaner VOC RangeContains No VOC
Ready to Use/ConcentratedReady to Use
Recommended DilutionReady to Use
Cleaner NSF RatingNot Rated
Cleaner FormLiquid
Primary ChemicalNone
Chemical SeriesNo Series
Cleaner ApplicationFacility Maintenance, Fleet/Vehicle
Cleaner Solvent BaseNon-Solvent
VOC Content0g/L
Flash PointNone
Dielectric StrengthUndetermined
Net Weight20 oz