Oval 10HABC Fire Extinguisher, 10 lb. ABC Dry Chemical, Surface Mounted

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  • 10 lb dry chemical Class A, B, and C fire extinguisher
  • Surface mounted with patent-pending button hook fastener (included)
  • Button hook allows unit to rotate 90 without falling
  • Never protrudes more than 4 measured diagonally on a round column
  • 22 second discharge time with a 10-15 range
  • Complies with ADA, AODA, ANSI, ICC, and ISO protruding object limits
  • UL & ULC Listed
  • Made in the USA

The Oval 10HABC is an innovative surface-mounted 10 lb dry chemical ABC fire extinguisher that is up to 40% slimmer than traditional fire extinguishers. The Oval 10HABC is designed for use on Class A fires (wood, paper, plastics), Class B fires (liquid and gas), and Class C fires (electrical). The unit is UL and ULC Listed.

Oval fire extinguishers are always compliant with the ADA requirements for protruding objects when installed according to NFPA 10 specifications. The shallow depth of Oval extinguishers means that recessed cabinets are not necessary in order to comply with ADA, AODA, ANSI, ICC, and ISO protruding object limits. Oval?s patent-pending surface mounting button hook enables the unit to rotate nearly 90° without falling, reducing the risk of injury at your facility. When recessed cabinets are preferred, Oval extinguishers can save your project on the cost of construction because the slim design allows fully recessed cabinets to be installed into studded wall assemblies as narrow as 2-½ inches. Constructed of proprietary materials, the Oval Brand fire extinguisher body is practically dent proof and will not rust or corrode. The Oval 10HABC utilizes a durable stainless steel handle, tempered anodized aluminum nozzle, and an environmentally friendly powder coat finish that transforms an unappealing piece of emergency equipment into an attractive safety fixture.
ItemFire Extinguisher
Extinguisher TypeDry Chemical
UL Rating4A80BC
Capacity10 lb.
Discharge Time22 sec.
Handle MaterialStainless Steel
Valve MaterialAnodized, Tempered Aluminum

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