PolyJohn SK3-1000 Applause Portable Hand Washing Sink w/ Vinyl Liner

PolyjohnSKU: C1966731
MPN : SK3-1000
Weight : 80.0 lb


$971.79 $1,185.11

Availability : Usually Ships in 4-6 Weeks
  • Great for agriculture, food, and construction work sites.
  • Protects children in schools, playgrounds, and festivals.
  • Safeguards food for grocery stores, farmers' markets, and outdoor food vendors.
  • Large 60 gallon Capacity
  • Hands-free foot pump operation
  • Soap and paper towel dispenser at the user's fingertips
  • Handles molded in for easy movement
  • Great for large job sites
  • Easy to fill and service
  • 3840 pumps of water

This self-contained, stand alone two-station sink features a unique design where fresh water is stored in the main outer tank and gray water is stored in a flexible vinyl liner. When the outer tank is filled with water, the inner liner floats up. When the foot pumps are activated, water drains from the sink bowl strainers into the inner liner that eventually displaces the water in the main outer tank. The built-in recessed handles allow for transport, while the hinged lid provides easy access to the internal components. The three ribbed design provides strength and offers space for ?strip? advertisements. Two stations can be placed back-to-back to create a service island. These sinks are supplied fully assembled from the factory. The 32" basin height makes it convenient for everyone. Full Tank Will Provide Approximately 960 Handwashings