Sloan WES-150 1001500 Waterless Urinal Cartridge Replacement

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MPN : WES-150
Weight : 1.5 lb


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  • Cartridge replacement for Sloan and Falcon waterfree urinals
  • Lasts for at least 7000 uses before replacement
  • Uses no water
  • Mechanical-free design
  • Patented, sealed locking cartridge
  • 100% Biodegradable cartridge sealant liquid eliminates all odors
  • Includes replacement cartridge and blue biodegradable sealant liquid

The Sloan WES-150 1001500 Waterless Urinal Cartridge Kit is made from recyclable ABS and includes a 100% biodegradable sealant liquid. This high quality waterless urinal cartridge kit is engineered to last for a least 7000 uses - take advantage of easy installation and replacement with the WES-150's mechanical-free design. One of the biggest benefits of a waterless urinal is that these units use no water, reduce sewer costs and don't require any water supply piping. Take advantage of a durable patented, sealed locking cartridge in addition to improved hygiene and safety from past models. Biodegradable Cartridge Sealant Liquid eliminates all odors.

From the Manufacturer  

The WES-150 waterfree cartridge is the heart and soul of Sloan’s Waterfree urinals. These cartridges feature Falcon Waterfree Technology and utilize multiple unique design patents to provide safe, long lasting, low odor performance while saving tens of thousands of gallons of water every year. Since its introduction in 2004, there have been several improvements incorporated into the design based on feedback from customers. The latest design follows that same path and includes 6 all-new features to provide the best performance ever.

An integrated diverter shield reduces splashing while helping prevent debris from entering the cartridge.

The indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your cartridge.

The new cartridge uses 20% less material than previous models, making it even more environmentally friendly.

The patented cartridge features a reduced surface area that eliminates space for bacteria growth which helps reduce restroom odors.

The patented flexible pour spout combines with a modified cartridge outlet to concentrate and redirect the exiting urine. This significantly increases its exit speed which helps keep the housing and pipes cleaner.

A new diverter combines with the internal baffle to help retain sealant even if a bucket of water is accidentally dumped into the urinal.


1. The cartridge begins full of liquid with a layer of proprietary biodegradable sealant that floats on the surface.

2. Waste enters the cartridge and passes through this sealant which isolates foul odors from the restroom.

3. Flowing waste is slowed by internal baffles that help retain sealant and allows the uric sediment to settle.

4. Waste flows past an internal trap and exits the cartridge leaving some of the uric sediment behind.

5. The urine accelerates as it is funneled down to a flexible spout where it is redirected out of the housing and into the drain pipe.


Fixture TypeUrinals
ItemWaterfree Urinal Cartridge Kit
For Use WithWaterless Urinals
For Use With Mfr. Model NumberWES1000
MaterialRecyclable ABS
Rated Life7000 Uses