Tough Guy 55 gal Round Correctional Facility Trash Can, Plastic, Blue - 4YKF2

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Weight : 14.79 lb

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Correctional facility plastic trash cans are often used in prisons and mental health facilities because they cannot be broken or shattered, eliminating the possibility that broken pieces can be used as weapons or for self-harm. These heavy-duty cans are designed for continuous use in demanding and extreme environments.,Plastic utility trash cans are constructed of heavy-duty plastic that resists fading, cracking, and denting. They are lighter and more dent-resistant than metal cans, which makes them easier to move and handle. These plastic trash cans are used for back-of-house applications where heavy-duty construction is more important than styling, including kitchens, waste processing, and cleaning areas. They can be used to collect and contain waste with or without trash bags.