Tough Guy Vacuum Bag, Paper, 2-Ply, Standard Bag Filtration Type, For Vacuum Type Backpack Vacuum - 3ZJJ3

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Backpack vacuum bags fit compatible backpack vacuums to collect materials picked up during vacuuming.,Vacuum bags collect vacuumed dust and debris for disposal. They also help filter out allergens and dust particles to prevent them from recirculating in the air. New or empty vacuum bags help prevent clogs, suction loss, and motor burnout. These bags typically fit specific vacuum cleaner brands or models. Disposable bags are discarded when full and replaced with a new bag to minimize contact with collected dirt. Reusable bags are shaken out when full and used again to reduce waste.

Bag Product GroupingVacuum Bag
For Vacuum TypeBackpack Vacuum
Fits Vacuum BrandBissell, Dustbane, Hawk Enterprises, IPC Eagle, Mastercraft, Mosquito, Nobles, NSS, Oreck, ProTeam, Sandia
Fits Vacuum ModelsAlpine Vac, AviationVac, Bandit, BGHIP6A, BGPRO6A, BP6, Enviromaster Probe 6, Fast Track BackVac, Harrier I, HipVac, Outlaw, ProVac, QuarterVac, QuietPro BP, Raven 6, Super QuarterVac, SuperVac 6, TailVac, TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer Lite, XLPRO6
Bag Filtration TypeStandard
Filter EfficiencyUp to 99 % at 0.3 microns
Bag MaterialPaper
Ply Count2-Ply
Bag Pickup TypeDry
Bag ReusabilityNon-Reusable
Height1/2 in
Length15 1/4 in
Width/Diameter5 1/2 in
ItemVacuum Bag