Unger Grip, Trash Picker, 42" - PPPP0

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Grip-handle pickers have a sharp end for piercing soft trash or litter. They have a long handle that allows landscaping and sanitation workers, maintenance crews, and janitors to pick up soft trash without bending or stooping, which can cause fatigue and back strain. Use these pickers to pick up paper, wrappers, cans, and other soft litter. Litter can be transferred to a trash can or portable litter bag.,Trash pickers and grabbers are used by landscaping and sanitation workers to pick up trash in parks, building grounds, along highways, and other areas where trash and litter accumulate. They have a shaft that eliminates stooping and bending, reducing strain on workers. They also help keep workers from coming into contact with waste, which can cause injury. Use trash pickers with portable litter bags to keep litter contained.

ItemTrash Picker
Handle TypeGrip