Zep Professional Heavy-Duty Butyl Degreaser, 1Gal Bottle - ZPP1041483

Zep ProfessionalSKU: C3067195
MPN : 1041483
Weight : 36.0 lb


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  • Premium-grade butyl cleaner and degreaser
  • Fast acting
  • Economical formula dilutes up to 1 oz/gallon
  • Biodegradable detergents.

Ideal for cleaning auto engine parts and other difficult, grimy jobs, this industrial-strength butyl formulation cuts through a variety of greases, oils and other tough soils. Low-foaming and free-rinsing, it can be applied with a mop or pressure washer. A broad dilution range lets you use it for a variety of applications. Just dilute, apply, scrub and rinse.