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Looking for a place to hang your coat? How about a surface to store your blankets? Sustainable Supply carries a great selection of bathroom hooks and shelves from Bradley and Bobrick. Bobrick clothing hooks feature solid aluminum casting, matte finish, and a rubber bumper to protect wall or partition surfaces. Check out a great selection of heavy duty clothes hooks, which are perfect for high traffic restrooms. These commercial bathroom hooks can withstand 300 pounds of downward pull!

We also carry a wide variety of commercial bathroom shelves, by Bobrick and Bradley. Bobrick stainless steel shelves are sturdy, and made with satin finish stainless steel. And, if you have small children around, don’t worry! The front edges of these shelves are hemmed for safety. Bradley shelves also have protected edges for safety, and are made with recycled stainless steel. Select Sustainable Supply for all of your commercial bathroom equipment needs. Check out our incredible values on green hand dryers, commercial bath & shower accessories, and soap dispensers.