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Bobrick Soap Dispensers

Take advantage of our wide selection of restroom products from Bobrick, an industry-leading manufacturers.

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Bobrick is one of the leading manufacturers of restroom dispensers of all types, including soap dispensers. Bobrick’s line of soap dispensers offers choice where budget, style, sustainability, hygiene, and code compliance are important. Bobrick offers counter-mount or wall-mount dispensers, manual or touch-free dispensers, liquid soap or foam soap dispensers, and in each category offerings are available in plastic or stainless steel.

Wall-Mount or Counter-Mount
Bobrick Wall-Mount Dispenser

Wall-Mount Dispenser
• Touch-free and manual dispensing options available
• Flexible mounting - bracket or adhesives
• Available in plastic or stainless steel with recycled content
• Vandal resistant options

Bobrick Counter-Mount Soap Dispenser

Counter-Mount Soap Dispenser
• Touch-free or manual dispensing options available Integrated, attractive designs
• Available in plastic or stainless steel with recycled content
• Increased accessibility
• Vandal resistant options

Manual or Touch-Free
Bobrick Manual Soap Dispenser

Manual Soap Dispenser
• One handed dispensing
• Easy to refill
• No battery costs
• Fewer maintenance requirements as a result of fewer mechanical components

Bobrick Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Soap Dispenser
• Standardized amounts save money
• High-end image
• Improved hygiene - fewer contact points
• Ease of user experience
• Batteries required

Liquid or Foam
Bobrick Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap
• Effective cleaner with proper technique
• Lowest initial cost
• No special pumps required

Bobrick Foam Soap

Foam Soap
Effective cleaner with proper technique
• Pre-lathered soap requires less water for rinsing
• Eliminates drips, stains, and clogs
• More handwashes per refill