MOBI Portable Hand Washing Sink, Heavy-Duty HDPE Plastic, Non-Heated - MOBI1-926

MOBISKU: C3066926
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MPN : MOBI1-926
Weight : 59.5 lb

$599 $749
Meet the all-new MOBI 1 portable handwashing station from This all-in-one self-contained portable sink features a high-capacity 17 gallon fresh water tank (providing approximately 270 hand washings when full) and a large, 34 gallon waste water tank to avoid overflowing concerns. A perfect solution for nearly any setting, the MOBI1-926 is a great option for outdoor events including: catering events, farmer’s markets, outdoor classroom settings, and construction sites. The lightweight, heavy-duty HDPE plastic design works as great solution for hand washing indoors as well. Use as a first line of defense in entryways, schools, hospitals, and offices when traditional plumbing isn't an option.

  • Hygienic hands-free, foot pump operation
  • 17 gallon fresh water capacity
  • 34 gallon waste water capacity
  • 30 oz bulk liquid soap dispenser
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Heavy-duty HDPE plastic design
  • Easy maneuverability through built in handle and high-quality non-marking wheels
  • Fully assembled
  • Choose the optional automatic paper towel dispenser to complete your handwashing station